How it works

What is FewYards?

FewYards lets you discover other users in your immediate proximity and be discovered by them. You can invite other users to connect and, if accepted, exchange messages without having to share personally identifiable information like email or phone number.

FewYards shows you other users broadcasting their presence in your immediate proximity of a few feet or yards depending on signal strength. Whether at a conference, a restaurant, a bar or a concert use FewYards to broadcast your presence, discover others nearby, connect with them and message away.

Traveling with your colleagues but don’t have their phone number? Use FewYards to come together, organize and enjoy.

When should I use FewYards?

We created FewYards to help with two fundamental problems that inhibit social in-person interaction:

  1. Ability to ‘break-the-ice’ and meet someone new while avoiding a potentially unpleasant in-person meeting. Let’s say you are at a busy bar, a conference or a large social gathering. There are many people there, but you don’t know who you should approach that is also looking to meet someone. Use FewYards to broadcast your presence (and willingness) for a conversation. If you see other nearby users in the app you know that they are within a few yards away.
  2. Ability to come together, plan and organize activities without having other person’s email or phone number. Continuing the same scenario - let’s say you initiated contact and created a FewYards group with couple of other users. But you are not comfortable sharing your phone number or email yet. Use FewYards to plan activities and stay in touch.
What is a FewYards Realm?

A realm is your unique FewYards account. We use email as the unique identity. Your realm can have as many names for nearby users as you want.

How is FewYards different from other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage etc?

FewYards is different because it does not share your phone number, email or full name. It allows you to use a name of your choice for others to see. Other users do not see your email, phone number or the real name unless that is what you decide to use. There is no need to share your personally identifiable information until you are more comfortable with the new connection you just made.

How does FewYards work?

FewYards uses Bluetooth technology to broadcast your presence to other users in your immediate proximity. The initial broadcast and discovery uses Bluetooth. After a connection is established, FewYards uses your phone’s cellular network or WiFi connection to exchange messages. Just like any other standard messaging app.

How far from my location can FewYards discover other people?

The discovery distance depends on strength of Bluetooth signal. It could range from a few yards to a couple of hundred feet.

What features does FewYards app have?
  • Multimedia support: send and receive messages including documents, videos, pictures and web links.
  • Group chat: create group(s) with different to come together, plan and organize.
  • No need to use or save contacts. Since FewYards looks for people around you and allow exchanging messages without using any personally identifiable information like a phone number or email.
  • Accept or Decline invitation to connect: connect with people or not!
  • Control what you share: since FewYards broadcasts a username of your choice and not the phone number or email, you control what and how much you want to share.
What name shall I use for other users to see?

You can pick whatever username that you want broadcasted to people around you. A picture is recommended but not mandatory. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google logins are available but not mandatory. FewYards gives you the flexibility to control what you share with others.

Share your phone number, name or other personal details only when you feel confident in your relationship with the new connection.

Will my data be shared?

FewYards does not share your data. And we have no intentions to share your data in the future.

What features will you add to the app?

We have a robust roadmap of exciting and useful features to make the app more meaningful. Stay tuned.

I forgot my email. How do I reset my password?

Just type your email in the main screen and we will send you a passcode to retrieve your account.

How is iOS app different from Android?

Both have similar functionalities. The only noticeable difference is the way Bluetooth connections are natively handled in either platforms. As a result, in Android app the refresh rate on nearby users screen is about 10seconds. So take a deep breath while we show you who is only few yards away!

Can I suggest a feature I like to see in the app?

Absolutely! Please email us at